Welcome to the International Education and Scholarship Schemes website. We offer guidance for all those seeking a high quality education in a new, exciting setting, and are proud of the varied and challenging learning opportunities that we are able to help people receive. Our approach arises out of the best of government and independent education scholarship scheme systems, as well as the best practice in international education. We can help our international students study for UK GCSE, AS and A level examinations at age 16 and 18 respectively, which will provide you with an education that prepares you to enter a schooling system anywhere, as well as to universities in Europe and elsewhere throughout the world. Furthermore we can help you figure out how to enter the further education system in the UK, and if you are a postgraduate, guide you in the tricky process of arranging international education fees and research funding.


As an example of what you could be studying towards, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) has been developed for 14 to 16 year olds, and aims to prepare students for further academic success, including progression to A and AS Level study, and equip them with skills for immediate employment. It is equivalent in standard to the British GCSE and is recognised as evidence of ability by academic institutions and employers worldwide. It gives you a wide, varied and balanced programme of study, written with an international audience in mind whose first language may not be English. It provides a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, taking account of differing abilities through a choice between Core and Extended curriculum papers. Students are rewarded for positive achievement – what you know, understand and can do.  However, if you make use of one of our recommended language schools, you can simply study for the standard GCSE! Email us your interest in scholarship and let us find out what sort of scheme you might be able to apply for.

With regard to my profession as Britains leading Toastmaster, and master of ceremonies, very jealous people are also spreading malicious and false rumours about me which should be ignored. I am delighted to say that I am very fit, always have been, and extremely busy as usual.

The professors are keeping a current travelogue of the students' activities and ftp'ing the text and photos to Alma professor Justin Lawbyr's Web server will be posting the material on the site as he receives it throughout the spring term.

Welcome to the International Education and Scholarship Schemes website. Our objective for this site is to provide you all the information you need to help you arrange an international education and learning experience. Whatever academic discipline you wish to study, we can help you arrange to do it. The trickiest aspect of doing so is always funding, and our focus here is to ensure you are aware of all the scholarship schemes and opportunities that are available for you to apply for, to make your dream of studying abroad a reality!

There are a range of higher education bursaries, grants and scholarship awards available to international students across a broad spectrum of subjects. For more education and scholarship scheme information contact us today.

The International Education and Scholarship Schemes website is here to support you. Studying abroad is likely to be one of the most exciting and scary things you’ll have done. You’ll be learning new things while becoming immersed in a new culture and meeting innumerable new faces. At this time it might be nice to know there is somewhere you can go that will give you any guidance you might need. That is what we are here for. Speak to us today for answers to your international study questions.


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